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[Format] GFX Artist Application
We are always looking!

Sounds interesting? You can use the following format to apply for a GFX artist position.

General Information
  • If you don't give us the information straight away that we are looking for, such as your name, examples of work, date of birth, or any of the other fields, expect an auto-decline.

  • Do not copy and paste things from the internet and claiming them as your own. We can, and will, do background checks on all submitted content. If it isn't yours, expect to be rejected.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself. Tell us your history with GunZ, or other development, and make sure what you are telling us is accurate. If we ask you to elaborate, make sure you are elaborating in the right way.

  • Lastly, stay in constant communication with us. If you don't, you will likely be rejected for the sake of reliability. We're pretty laid back about deadlines once accepted, but if you aren't making an effort to get accepted, do not expect to be accepted to the team.

Core Requirements
  • You are currently not staff at any other GunZ server.

  • You know how to work with at least 1 GFX/animation tool which GunZ makes use of.

  • You have talent and skills to create unique things, we are not interested in people who just started with graphics/animation related stuff. You must have something of high quality to show us.

Quote: Wrote:Name:

Date of birth:


Skills / Experience:

Proof of work:

Is all proof of work your own work?

In case you want to contact me, dm me on Discord at: Disable#2950 or via e-mail at: :3

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